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[日本/三级]知道她的一切 All.About.Know.Her

海报时间:2012国别:日本类型:剧情片片长:105分钟剧情介绍:Kishu Izuchi filmmaker is active cyclone. He has many years of writing plays, most notably pink, film legend Takahisa Zeze (Izuchi's credits include co-writing the script Garuda beloved dream). Izuchi also directed six films, and the creation of a hui Cinema, Film Movement, organizing film screenings and promote the spirit of independence, as well as the movie Fight newspapers. This work is a twisted romantic thriller, it does not avoid his previous erotic focus, but focus on tensions in the establishment of relations. Ugawa (Miura Masaki) is a teacher at an upscale private high school when lawyers Inamura (Yoko Chosokabe) contact him about a woman with a mysterious past named Mei (Ai Sazamine) who recently returned to the town. Six years ago, when Ugawa dating named Michiyo (wood library Akazawa), senior teacher, she met him nowhere in the supermarket, to seduce him, dragged him into a living hell when she chimpira ex-boyfriend Mayama (Hee Park) o